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Shira Kammen - Downstream
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Title: Downstream
Game: Braid
Composer: Shira Kammen

When Do You Hear It?

  • I found it is one of the first tracks in the game, but as far as a particular part, I haven’t found that out. If you know this, please message me!

Album of Which it Appears:

  • Track 02: Downstream - Music from Braid
  • Track 02: Downstream - Music of Waters

Where to Buy:

Music from Braid 

Music of Waters by Shira Kammen

Other Works by Shira Kammen: 

  • While it seems Braid is the only game which uses her music, Shira Kammen is known for her Folk and Early-styled compositions. She has both played and taught music across the world, and has had some of her compositions played in TV series and movies; including a independent film about the fans of JRR Tolkien’s works. According to her website, the weirdest place she has ever performed her music was in an elephant pit of a Jerusalem Zoo.
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